TiO2 is a good UV absorber, although it displays various degrees of photocatalytic activity. For outdoor applications, TiO2 is surface-treated with metal oxides such as aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide or zirconium dioxide to increase photocatalytic stability.

The KRONOS weathering team is equipped to run accelerated weathering tests and long-term outdoor exposure tests. Exposed coatings and plastic samples are investigated in terms of gloss, chalking, color and mechanical properties to assess weather resistance. In addition, the team tests how raw materials affect the weathering performance, dirt pick-up, and algae and fungal growth of materials made with TiO2.

Outdoor exposure locations are:

  • Leverkusen, Germany
  • Bandol, France
  • Arizona & Florida, USA

Weathering Equipment Includes

  • Xenon WeatherOmeter
  • QUV
  • Sun