Technical Services

Technical Services

Global TiO2 Experts, Available Where You Are

At KRONOS, we believe that to be truly exceptional at something, you must commit to it. That’s why our chemists, engineers and technicians are 100% committed to application technology of titanium dioxide. Our TiO2 specialists have worked with our customers in the plastics, coatings, paper and fibers industries around the world. They continue to contribute to the industry directly by presenting at international events and by serving on national and international technical committees and standardization organizations.

We are also in constant contact with raw material suppliers to ensure we capitalize on new technologies and new trends.

Continuous Benchmarking

KRONOS TiO2 experts evaluate all of our products in labs fully equipped specifically for coatings, plastics, paper laminate and photocatalyst testing. We measure all important TiO2 performance characteristics like optical properties, tinting strength, opacity and durability as well as mechanical performance of the application system if appropriate.

Please contact us with application questions, testing needs, or questions about safety or efficacy. Regardless of the challenge you are facing, we are ready to help.

Full Range of Technical Services

  • Assistance in pigment selection
  • Consultation on safe usage of
    TiO2 pigments
  • On-site training
  • Testing on lab scale equipment
  • Weathering tests