Importer obligations


All imports can be supported by the KRONOS Only Representative (OR) through the Only Representative Trustee.

This Only Representative Trustee (ORT) system offers a service to non-EU customers and distributors who export products manufactured at KRONOS CANADA, Inc., Varennes/Montreal, Canada (KC), and at LOUISIANA PIGMENT COMPANY’s site at Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA (LPC), to the EU.

Non-EU KRONOS customers can offer their EU subsidiaries and their downstream EU customers the opportunity to use the REACH registration prepared by the OR for KC and LPC for the import of their KRONOS substances (either as such or in preparations/products) into the EU.

The Only Representative Trustee (ORT) system ensures that all confidential business information relating to EU importers and their imported volumes is handled securely, as this information may be commercially sensitive for KRONOS’ customers.

The ORT model enables participating KRONOS customers to sustain their EU market without too much REACH compliance effort or high costs, while at the same time protecting their confidential business information.

KRONOS INTERNATIONAL, Inc. (KII) selected Steptoe & Johnson LLP, a globally operating law firm, to serve as OR Trustee.