General approach


Customers of KRONOS, Inc. who intend to participate in the OR/ORT services, are kindly requested to contact either their KRONOS sales contact or send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Steptoe & Johnson, as the ORT, will only discuss with non-EU customers invited by KRONOS, Inc., and ask these customers to inform the Trustee about the EU importers (EU subsidiaries or downstream EU customers) they want to be covered by the OR registration of the KRONOS substances.

EU importers can only participate if it can be shown that their products and volumes are part of KRONOS’ supply chain.


The main benefit of the services is enabling and supporting REACH compliance for each partner in KRONOS’ supply chains to the EU. Each individual participant may benefit in various ways.

Non-EU KRONOS Customers

  • Assistance of their customers (EU importers) with REACH registration, thereby contributing to continuity of sales
  • Avoidance of disclosure of commercially or otherwise sensitive information

EU importers

  • They are relieved of REACH registration and other importer-related duties under REACH,
  • will realise significant cost and labour savings as a result, and
  • will avoid disclosure of commercially or otherwise sensitive information.