KRONOS ecochem

KRONOS ecochem is a division within KRONOS INTERNATIONAL, Inc., Leverkusen, Germany. For more than 35 years, KRONOS ecochem has produced and marketed large quantities of iron salts in liquid and solid form.

As the market leader in Germany, and a reliable supplier throughout the world, 
KRONOS ecochem offers a wide range of iron salts.

 Our products are used economically and without harming the environment in the water treatment industry for sewage treatment, sewage sludge dewatering, and water purification; in the production of iron oxide pigments for odor control, chromate reduction in cements, and biogas desulfurization; and in agriculture. They are characterized by controlled quality, consistent composition, reliable availability, high purity and a good price/performance ratio.

 KRONOS ecochem also provides comprehensive technical service, offering users practical assistance in solving a wide variety of problems.