1936 Canadian Titanium Pigments Ltd. was founded by NL Industries.
1957 Start-up of Varennes plant with a nominal capacity of 13,500 mt/y of sulfate pigments.
1960 Plant expanded to 30,000 mt/y production capacity.
1980 Company name changed to NL CHEM Canada, Inc.
1987 Start-up of chloride process unit with a nominal capacity of 40,000 mt/y
1989 Company became KRONOS Canada, Inc. 
1994 Reduced sulfate unit capacity permanently by 50% due to market and environmental considerations
1994 Start-up of sulfate process waste acid neutralization unit with a nominal capacity of 62,000 mt/y of high-quality gypsum.
1998 Start-up of CO2 recuperation unit at the waste acid neutralization plant
2005 Start-up of the titanium oxychloride (TiOCl2) unit 
2010 Start-up of the titanyl sulfate [TiO(SO4)2] unit