1965 A feasibility study for the set-up of a second production site for the "Titangesellschaft" was conducted.
1969 The production of TiO2 by means of the sulfate process started.
1972 "Titangesellschaft mbH" changes to "KRONOS TITAN GmbH"
1974 Capacity increased to 57.000 mt per year by comissioning of a third calciner
1976 Start of copperas production
1979 Start-up of copperas drying unit
1988 Start-up of waste acid reconcentration unit (WAC).
1996 Start-up of calciner's off-gas desulfurization unit.
1997 Production of TiO2 slurry started
1998 Start-up of Ilmenitsand production
2005 Start-up of KROnoCHROME unit.
2006 Expanded finishing capacity