1927 The "Titangesellschaft mbH" was founded as a joint venture of IG Farben and Titan Co. AS for the production of TiO2 by means of the sulfate process. The plant was built as a part of the Farbenfabriken BAYER.
1928 Production of pigment and Titanweiß (TiO2 + BaSO4) started.
1930 Production capacity increased to 11,700 mt per year. The TiO2 produced was originally the anatase modification of TiO2 only.
1938 Became the world's first plant to produce the rutile modification of TiO2 (based on our own patent).
1943 During World War II, 80% of the plant was destroyed
1945 The plant was rebuilt and production restarted.
1952 NL Industries took over the remaining shares of the "Titangesellschaft" from the joint-venture and became sole owner of the company.
1967 The first TiO2-production unit using chlorine technology in Europe was built - based on KRONOS process developments and patents.
1972 "Titangesellschaft mbH" changes to "KRONOS TITAN GmbH"
1974 Start of copperas production
1975 A new generation of chloride unit was designed and built.
1979 The FERRIFLOC unit was built, to produce FeClSO4 from Copperas.
1984 Start-up of KRONOCARB production
1985 Launched a second chloride production line. This line was the blue print for the construction of all other KRONOS Chloride plants.
1989 Start-up of a waste acid reconcentration unit in Duisburg in cooperation with Sachtleben Chemie GmbH
1992 Start-up of the calciner's off-gas desulfurization unit (Sulfate plant)
1995 Start-up of the KRONOFLOC production
1996 Start-up of Ilmenitsand production
2002 The desulfurization unit for the chlorinator off-gas from the chloride plant was comisioned.
2012 Increased chloride unit production capacity to 165,000 mt per year by constantly improving, optimizing and debottlenecking.