1957 Société Chimique des Dérivés du Titane (S.C.D.T) started producing TiO2 using the sulfate process.
1958 NL Industries took over 70% of the shares of S.C.D.T.
1969 NL Industries acquired 100% ownership of the company and increased the capacity of the sulfate plant to 40,000 mt/y
1971 Company name S.C.D.T. changed to KRONOS  S.A./N.V.
1989 Switch from sulfate process to chloride process. Plant capacity 40,000 mt/y
1992 The site became KRONOS EUROPE S.A./N.V.
1992 Commissioning of the titanium oxychloride (TiOCl2) production unit. 
2003 Participating in the "Benchmarking Covenant for Energy Efficiency in the Industry".
2006 Installation of 5 silo's for bulk deliveries. Result in reduction of 20 % packaging material.
2006 Acquired a new environmental permit for a period of 20 years
2011 Installation of a desulphurisation unit for the chlorinator off-gas.
2012 Installation of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Unit to provide steam & electricity.
2013 Expansion of the finishing capacity