1902 Titania was founded.
1908 Start-up of hydro power generator.
1916 Began continuous ilmenite production at Storgangen ilmenite ore deposit.
1927 Titania was bought by NL Industries.
1954 The Ilmenite ore deposit at Tellenes, at the southwest coast of Norway was discovered.
1960 The production at Tellenes ore deposit began.
1965 The production at the Storgangen ore deposit, which still has large ilmenite resources deep underground was closed down for econimical reasons.
1967 The production of sulphide concentrate as a byproduct from the ore-dressing was started.
1986 First delivery of ilmenite to a newly-built ilmenite smelter in Norway.
2002 Celebrated 100 year anniversary.
2007 Start-up of new hydro power generator.
2012 Marked a ten-fold increase in production capacity since opening the Tellenes ore deposit with mining machinery that is among the largest and most modern in Europe.