1916 Titan Co. AS was founded
1918 Pigment and paint production started
1921 Cooperation with NL Industries on technology and marketing exchange started.
1927 NL Industries became major shareholder of Titan Co. AS
1929 Pigment production stopped, while paint and paste production continued
1945 Ship paint was taken over by house paint under the names Tidovit and Ticomatt
1966 Paint production stopped when the new integrated TiO2 plant was started
1970 Capacity increased to 17.000 mt per year
1975 The production of iron sulfate mono hydrate started
1976 Capacity increased to 25.000 mt per year
1989 Utilization of spent acid from the pigment production process by NOAH at Langøya for treatment of fly ash and other anorganic wastes started.
1989 Capacity increased to 30.000 mt per year
1997 Start-up of calciner's off-gas desulfurization unit.
2011 The production capacity was increased to 34,000 mt/y by process optimization only.
2012 Natural gas replaced 90 % of heavy fuel oil consumption