A Greener Way to Make White – KRONOS pioneered chloride processing technology as a lower-cost, more efficient and safer method for processing TiO2. KRONOS is one of only five producers with its own proprietary chloride process technology. The process dramatically reduces effluent waste treatment requirements and more efficiently utilizes energy and manpower resources over the traditional sulfate process. Even the co-products are put to valuable use by KRONOS ecochem, using iron salts in a variety of applications from water purification to agricultural usage.

A Far-Reaching International Distribution System – KRONOS operates TiO2 production plants around the world in five countries on two continents. We also operate our own ilmenite mine – a key raw material in the TiO2 pigment production process. Our international distribution network, with a production capacity of over 555,000 tons, stretches across oceans to wherever you need product .

A Clear Reputation for Quality – All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO-certified, and we go above and beyond traditional methods to rigorously test and ensure delivery of the highest quality pigments for the most satisfied customers.

A Commitment to Reliability – Across the entire enterprise, KRONOS puts reliable service at the forefront of everything we do so customers can depend on us to get their product on time. Every time.